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7 Summer Car Maintenance Tips – Road Trip Ready

Guest birchwoodcredit.com

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Guest birchwoodcredit.com

Get an Oil Change – If you are near the timeframe for getting an oil change it’s a great idea to get it done before a long trip. Low or Dirty oil can increase wear and tear on your engine.

Fluids – Another important check is to look at fluid levels. With hot heather your engine will need to have the coolant levels where they need to be. This can also lead to unnecessary damage. Make sure to check all your fluid levels before any road trip.

Air Conditioning – AC not blowing as cold as it used to be? Expecting hot temps on your long road trip? This is sometimes overlooked because it’s more of a luxury but it can really make or break your road trip so if you can get it checked out.

Wiper Blades – These are often overlooked but are actually quite important for your safety. You really don’t appreciate them until you need them. But when you do, and if you have nice new fresh ones, you will be happy.

Tires – Tires can get neglected but are another thing you should be checking regularly. Worn out tires can cause trouble in the rain with low traction(safety issue). Tire bulges or slow tire leaks can be a nightmare if they start to act up while your on the highway. Best to take care of it before any trips.

Belts – This is a simple check to ensure you don’t have any obvious issues with your engine belts. A simple cracked belt that breaks while your on the highway can delay your holiday for hours.

Brakes – Brakes are obviously important. They are easy to check and highly important for safety.

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