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Cheapest used electric cars 2


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3. BMW i3
Latest BMW i3 deals from £15,491
Monthly finance from £268

Even though the car first went on sale four years ago, the BMW i3 still looks futuristic, thanks to its oddly-shaped windows, rear-opening back doors and squat bonnet that doesn’t need to accommodate an engine.

The interior is up to he quality standards of any other BMW and it drives fairly nimbly too, with that fast electric acceleration and good grip in corners, which allow you to drive confidently.

The range of the original car is around 100 miles but that was extended to 125 miles from early 2017 with the 94Ah model. For more range, there's the more expensive range-extender version. This has a small supplementary petrol engine that powers the electric motor should the batteries run out of charge.

4. Hyundai Ioniq
Latest Hyundai Ioniq deals from £21,999
Monthly finance from £329

The Ioniq is full-size family car that comes in three versions: a hybrid, combining a petrol engine with an electric motor; the plug-in hybrid which can be charged to provide pure electric motoring for around 30 miles. Finally, there’s the full-electric Ioniq. This has a real-world range of around 130 miles on a full charge. It’s quiet around town and on the open road, and accelerates quickly, too.

Although it costs more than an equivalent Nissan Leaf, the Ioniq feels more upmarket, with a high level of standard equipment and more conventional interior, which helps to justify the cost. Being a Hyundai, it comes with a five-year warranty from new which means a 2017-registered model still has four years’ cover remaining.

5. VW e-Golf
Latest VW e-Golf deals from £19,991
Monthly finance from £252

For the ultimate in understated electric motoring, you’ll want the Volkswagen e-Golf. You’d be hard pushed to tell it apart from its petrol and diesel equivalents, which is a large part of its appeal.

It feels like a traditional Golf to drive, too: solid, composed and steady in corners. Being an electric car, it zooms away from a standstill and can cruise at 70mph on the motorway without difficulty.

Saying that, high speeds will reduce the battery’s range. In average motoring, the e-Golf’s range is around 125 miles, compared with VW’s official claim of 186 miles.


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