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Advantages over gasoline and diesel

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LNG (liquified natural gas,) – and especially CNG (compressed natural gas)  tends to corrode and wear the parts of an engine less rapidly than gasoline. Thus it is quite common to find diesel-engine NGVs with high mileages (over 500,000 miles). CNG also emits 20-29% less CO2 than diesel and gasoline. Emissions are cleaner, with lower emissions of carbon and lower particulate emissions per equivalent distance traveled. There is generally less wasted fuel. However, cost (monetary, environmental, pre-existing infrastructure) of distribution, compression, cooling must be taken into account.

Inherent advantages/disadvantages between autogas LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) power and NGV (natural gas vehicle) 
Autogas, also known as LPG, has different chemical composition, but still a petroleum based gas, has a number of inherent advantages and disadvantages, as well as noninherent ones. The inherent advantage of autogas over CNG is that it requires far less compression (20% of CNG cost), is denser as it is a liquid at room temperature, and thus requires far cheaper tanks (consumer) and fuel compressors (provider) than CNG. As compared to LNG, it requires no chilling (and thus less energy), or problems associated with extreme cold such as frostbite. Like NGV, it also has advantages over gasoline and diesel in cleaner emissions, along with less wear on engines over gasoline. The major drawback of LPG is its safety. The fuel is volatile and the fumes are heavier than air, which causes them to collect in a low spot in the event of a leak, making it far more hazardous to use and more care is needed in handling. Besides this, LPG (40% from Crude Oil refining) is more expensive than Natural Gas.

Current advantages of LPG power over NGV
In places like the US, Thailand, and India, there are five to ten times more stations thus making the fuel more accessible than NGV stations. Other countries like Poland, South Korea, and Turkey, LPG stations and autos are widespread while NGVs are not. In addition, in some countries such as Thailand, the retail LPG fuel is considerably cheaper in cost.


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