Is it worth it taking this research assistant position when I want to work as a SDC engineer?

I am graduating soon and I don’t have any work experience yet in CS. I got offered a research position extracting some private dating using python with Youtube APU. The problem is, my goal is to write code for self driving cars, and this position is more web development. As you all probably know, code for SDCs are mostly implemented in C++/C. I know a python but I put it on the back burner while learning c++.

  1. I’m scared this will hinder my c++ progress, especially because I’m interviewing soon and I do not want a python focused or scripting focused position (I love c++, wasn’t huge on python when I used it).

  2. I keep seeing these challenges and opportunities to contribute to open source projects related to the field and question if I should focus on those instead. I’m conflicted because data extraction is still a good skill and work experience would probably be good, python (and PyTorch) is related to ML, but I still need to improve and practice c++

TL;DR I don’t want to end up scripting for a SDC company. That’s not what I want to do. Should I focus on practicing c++, and try to contribute to an open source project or work on a dataset challenge instead of taking a data extraction internship in python?

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