The Car Design Process: Learn to Find Your Own Way

At we not only teach our members to be able to design the interior and the exterior of a car. We focus on the knowledge and the skills behind the ability to create a design. Our members learn complete design processes and how to develop their own one that fits their best skills and goals.

There is not just one Design Process

As there is not just one design process for everything and everyone, we provide various Car Design Process series. By teaching different approaches to the topic, we enable our members at to find out their individual way to activate and use their creativity. We help them to develop the abilities of conceptual thinking and communicating their ideas. These abilities are the key points that separate an average design from an outstanding one. They are the crucial factors to decide if someone gets the (next) job as a car designer or not.

Production Design Process

Creativity is Something You Need the Tools for

There are many different tools and it is a very individual thing with which you can work well. The choice for everyone also depends on the objective. For example, whether you want to work creatively and generate ideas or you want to work as efficiently as possible. At, we teach different techniques to enable our members to be aware of the different opportunities offered by the tools. Our tutors show how to combine different methods in different procedures. We put every member in the position to become aware of which tool and method are best suited to achieve their goal.

Watercolor Rendering

Conceptual Thinking – Think Like a Pro

A nice example of our course series is the Polygon Concept Modeling Process with Michal Vlcek. Vlcek worked for different brands like McLaren and BMW and he took part in the reinvention of the TVR brand. In his courses, he shows a design process that is very conceptional by starting with exploring futuristic shapes and developing a concept. He shows how to use this sketch as an underlay to create a quick polygon model. As the process progresses he switches between Photoshop and 3DS to add more and more detail and refine the model. This is a good process if you want to create a model that is ready to proceed for a CAD modeler.

Polygon Concept Modeling

There are more series in our course portfolio. For example, the Exterior Design Process series focuses on a very complete and detailed design from multiple and complex perspectives. With the series about Electric and Autonomous Interior, we take up the current development and future challenges of the car industry. All in all, our course series aims to train our members’ conceptual thinking and enable them to communicate their ideas.

Electric Interior Design Course by Thomas Lienhart

Learning is Based on the Most Diverse Feedback Possible

As mentioned, there is not one design process. There are different ways to reach different goals. If you want to learn about the design process, you need a versatile and experience-based input. With, we can provide exactly that because we have a very wide set of tutors with individual specializations who are all professional car designers.

Autonomous Design Course by Thomas Lienhart

The course selection at is very broad, allowing you to improve your design skills in every area. It is perfect to lay a solid foundation for your car design career. What you learn at will enable you to be creative when you most need it. It will enable you to not only design cars, but concepts.

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