Hino Motors to introduce light-duty bus “Hino bus Liesse II” in Thailand

Hino Motors will be introducing its light-duty bus “Hino Bus Liesse Ⅱ”―which enjoys a solid track record in Japan―in Thailand for a scheduled launch date in September. This model is an OEM*1 vehicle from Toyota Motor Corporation and it will be the first time for Hino to introduce this model in an overseas market.

Under our slogan “Trucks and buses that do more,” Hino will be focusing on working with the entire group in the “Challenge2025*2” initiative to offer solutions to issues that our customers and societies face. As part of this effort, and as the only maker of commercial vehicles in the Toyota Group of companies, we are committed to developing, producing, and selling best-fit products in the global market so that we are able to offer “Trucks and buses that do more” to customers around the world.

The to-be-introduced “Hino Bus Liesse Ⅱ” offers outstanding durability and reliability, and enjoys an excellent reputation in Japan in terms of both safety and comfort. The model’s standard feature VSC*3 automatically controls the brakes and engine output to help prevent spins and tip overs, and its ABS*4 is highly effective in ensuring the vehicle’s stability. Additionally, its highly rigid body helps maintain passenger space even in the event of a tip over or other accident. In addition to its spacious interior, it offers stable riding comfort. With this bus, we intend to answer to the increasingly diverse needs of our customers in Thailand.

SOURCE: Hino Motors

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