BMW and Daimler team up to develop automated driving technology

they will dominate this market in a way that makes comparable tech leaders in the past just to be a light shadow of monopolism

And yes! I like it this way!

Well fuck you too. Okay, sorry for being rude, but monopolies are never for the good of the customer. Ask Canadians how good Bell is treating them.

Waymo’s vision of future mobility might be what you want (and it may be a good thing for many), but having them as more or less the ONLY option for land transport is not good for everyone. I, for one, want to own my car. I don’t want to share it with strangers, I want it to always be available for me (even if I’m in a rural area) and I don’t want to rely on a monopoly being kind enough not to charge an arm and a kidney per annum.

I have no problem with Waymo succeeding, but they need to have competition, and owning a personal car that you can still drive if Waymo shuts down for some reason, should still be an option. Because in the event of total anarchy or WWIII, my car will take me almost anywhere in Europe (islands excluded, duh) in less than 2 tanks of fuel while having space for 5 people and everything needed to survive, but a self-driving car might just say “Error – no connection” and be stranded.

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