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The best way to become a car designer is to learn from those who already made it. provides the knowledge and experience of car designers working for Mercedes AMG, VW Group, Bentley, Porsche and more. Our learning system takes the individual experiences, needs and resources of our members into account.

The importance of learning from professionals

Getting in touch with car designers who are active in the industry is absolutely necessary if you want to become a car designer. You need to get feedback on your work from professionals to develop your skill set to a very high level. You need to understand how you can be valuable for the industry because it’s your job to offer fresh ideas and make a car desirable. Being able to develop a unique value and to present it, is a task you can master by obtaining feedback from professionals.

Car Design Feedback Interior

Unlike at other e-learning platforms can serve this need for professional feedback due to the unique selection of professionals as tutors. For instance, as Chief Designer at Mercedes AMG, Markus Wachter has been in charge for the interior and exterior design for more than ten years. Peter Wouda is working on future mobility concepts as the Design Director of the VW Group Future Center Europe. Working for Bentley Motors for more than four years, Hoe Young Hwang recently was Creative and Lead Designer for the Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2019. For the reinvention of TVR with the Griffith concept in 2018, David Seesing was Lead Designer. We can call even more car designers our tutors and we keep enlarging the set. showcases a high range of experience and skills but also offers a perfect knowledge about the industry needs and a farsightedness for future developments. Compared to other e-learning platforms, our members really can learn from professional car designers. Tutors

Tutor set at each tutor is an expert in his area

Next level creative learning

We supplement the aspect of learning from professional car designers by a social learning concept, which is, undisputed, a big value of regular classroom learning. To increase the amount of feedback we encourage interaction between our members. They help each other with advice, ideas and their different styles. In that way our members experience a social learning at eye level which is very outstanding for todays e-learning platforms.

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Learning is a very individual process which is influenced by a lot of different factors. Our solution is to provide a flexible system which takes into account the situations and periods in which an individual is receptive for input or not. In contrast to other e-learning platforms we avoid the disadvantages of classroom learning, where the main concepts of learning are based on the principle of orientation on a theoretical average learner.

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The members of are absolutely free in designing their learning. We don’t hinder our members or push them by a pre-defined learning process. There is no pre-defined package of courses. Our members don’t waste money on lessons which they already learned or miss out some they need to learn. They can retry a course and upload their work as often as they like to receive new feedback. So they can focus on single aspects in reworking their designs and improve step by step. Every member of can get the most out of our courses.

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