Groupe PSA announces Opel and Vauxhall Astra plant plans

Jun 27, 2019   OEM

Groupe PSA has announced its intention to manufacture the next generation Astra in two plants in Europe.

Since the acquisition of Vauxhall Motors by Groupe PSA, the carmaker has been working hard to turn around the fortunes of the brand and to address the performance of the commercial and manufacturing divisions. Currently, the Vauxhall and Opel Astra are built in Ellesmere Port and in Gliwice – and the best-selling model is still in the middle of its life cycle.

The group has confirmed that the Russelsheim plant (pictured) will manufacture Astra and that it is planned that the second plant will be Ellesmere Port in the United Kingdom.

The decision on the allocation to the Ellesmere Port plant will be conditional on the final terms of the UK’s exit from the European Union and the acceptance of the New Vehicle Agreement, which has been negotiated with the Unite Trade Union.

The group has said that this move demonstrates the continuous effort and commitment of Groupe PSA to Vauxhall Motors.

After the signature of an agreement with the works council and the IG Metall and as mentioned in the PACE! plan, Groupe PSA will invest in the Rüsselsheim plant and create the sustainability of the site with the production of the next generation Opel Astra as of 2021.

The Astra is traditionally one of Opel’s most popular models. The next generation, based on the Groupe PSA EMP2 platform, will also allow the production of an electrified version of the compact class bestseller in Rüsselsheim. The decision was made possible by further improvements of efficiency and competitiveness of the plant. The Opel flagship Insignia will continue to be manufactured in Rüsselsheim as well.

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