Question – can SDC’s drastically affect the curve of EV adoption?

Hey guys –

I’m trying to learn more about the forecasts for electric cars (bigger project on emissions/climate). The numbers vary, but it seems like 20-30% of marketshare in the next 20 years [QZ].

But there’s also that interesting symbiosis of SDC’s and EV’s .. I’ve never quite heard it said directly, but I assume it’s because the power demands of SDC’s are more than you could get w a normal car battery (and then you’d need something else to turn gas to electricity, which would be efficiency losses .. so tl;dr not worth it w gas, right?)

So the question is really, can the momentum around SDC’s work to increase the percentage of projected EV’s on the road? Say for instance, we get them in 5 years, and you start to see bulk purchase orders from companies (lyft/uber), cities, etc –– do you think it could drastically affect the curve?

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