New concept to preview the future of performance at BMW M

BMW on Friday released some nondescript teaser shots of a new concept called the BMW Vision M Next.

Just as the Vision iNext concept unveiled last year previewed the future of BMW’s i sub-brand, the Vision M Next will give a hint at what’s coming down the road from the M division.

BMW remains short on details but the automaker did mention that the concept will show how technology can be harnessed to help deliver sporty performance and also turn the person behind the wheel into the “ultimate driver.”

Teaser for BMW Vision M Next concept

Teaser for BMW Vision M Next concept

The latter suggests that their may be some electronic driver aids to help hone a driver’s skills.

We also expect the concept to be packing an electrified powertrain of some sort. As a taste of what’s possible, recall that BMW in 2014 showed off a hybrid powertrain combining a turbocharged inline-4 with a trio of electric motors for a combined output of 670 horsepower.

We’ll have all the details soon as BMW will unveil the Vision M Next concept in Munich, Germany, later this month. Unfortunately, the concept isn’t likely to be in the form of supercar or hypercar. Whereas rivals like Mercedes-AMG and Audi Sport go down this route, BMW M remains focused on more attainable performance, although this doesn’t mean the division doesn’t actually want a hypercar.

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