BYTON opens Shanghai Design Studio to further strengthen its global presence

Jun 14, 2019   OEM

BYTON officially opened its Shanghai Design Studio, intended to focus on the Chinese market, as well as to work closely with the existing Design Studio in Munich on advanced and intelligent design for the global market.

At the opening ceremony, core members of BYTON global design team made their debut in China and shared BYTON’s innovative design concepts, the journey from design to production and stories behind the design.

Dr. Daniel Kirchert, CEO of BYTON, said: “Design is the primary motivational force for BYTON, with three high competencies – a high starting point thanks to our top-level designers, high efficiency ensured by our lean structure and advanced tooling, and high quality delivered by our rich experience and pragmatic way of working.

Benoît Jacob, Senior Vice President of Design at BYTON said: “Based on our ‘China Roots, Global Reach’ strategy, BYTON’s Shanghai Design Studio and the Design Studio in Munich will work closely together to further enhance our global design power.

Enable design innovation with digital power

BYTON has a well-developed global design team in both Germany and China, with top designers and specialists from 17 countries working together.

In Munich experts in Digital Design, Visualisation, Experience Models and Showcar Building & Handling work closely with the Interior, Exterior and Color & Trim teams. The Shanghai Design Studio will be led by BYTON’s Director of China Design, Rick Chen. The Shanghai design team supports advanced design, China local market research, production quality control and communication with local suppliers. In addition, BYTON will also open a Design Studio in Nanjing for internal presentations and quality auditing of mass production.

While continuing to grow its global footprint, BYTON adheres to the design concept of “Digital Power Replaces Horsepower.” The company is making every effort to leverage digital power to enable design innovation. In actual practice, BYTON’s design team adapts a number of new technologies such as Virtual Reality tools to improve the efficiency of design. At the same time, it closely cooperates with the UI/UX design team to optimise the intelligent interactive experience of the products. Chinese consumers are embracing digital lifestyles more willingly than other parts of the world. With the Shanghai Design Studio in operation, several UI/UX designers will also join the staff to promote the further integration of intelligent interaction and automotive design.

90% of its first concept design retained for production

At the opening ceremony, core members of BYTON global design team, including designers for interior, exterior, colour & trim and UI/UX, made their debut in China. They showed concept design sketches, digital and physical models, digital interaction design examples and more to highlight the process of turning a design concept to final execution.

To shape the Next Generation Smart Device, the designers at BYTON are keen to embrace the design inspiration in today’s digital life and combine technology with art. At the same time, they have fully integrated the needs of final production from the beginning of the design process. On the BYTON M-Byte, 90% of the innovative design from the concept car was retained.

(pictured from left to right: Andre “Dré” Nitze-Nelson (UI/UX), Ernesto Rupar (Exterior Design), Sven Weinfurtner (Interior Design), Benoît Jacob (Senior Vice President of Design), Andreas Schaaf (COO), Rick Chen (China Design), Williane “Lili” Oliveira (Color & Trim), Oliver Vogt (Design Operations))

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