Tesla Driver Appeared to Be ‘Fully Sleeping’ for at Least 30 Miles on SoCal’s 405 Freeway

you don’t count buddy. sorry. soon as you said UK you removed yourself from the equation.

you see in the uk you “actually have” some level of public transportation that is actually useful and even multiple forms of it (helps that your nation is geographically very small makes infrastructure a little easier)

you also have MUCH higher car costs than we do here in the US.

For example my geo metro cost me $600 and I put less than $300 in maintenance into it in the 200,000 miles I put on it (still have it) add in $150 for papers and you have $1,050 plus consumables. (tires wipers brakes) and fuel. call it $400 in consumables (I think thats a bit high but going conservative here) $1,450 plus fuel. I AVERAGE 62mpg with that particular car. plus Insurance about $157 per year 4 years $628 plus $160 for 4 years papers so $2,238 plus fuel $6450.

Grand Total for the 4 years I used that car as a DD $8,688 or roughly 4.3c per mile TCO

That is not too far off your Coach (2.7c/mile) and as soon as you need 2 people my TCO for my car crushes your best price of coach since you would be at 5.4c/mile while I would still be at 4.3c/mile

and remember my TCO is 100% all inclusive. purchase repairs maintenance consumables fuel reg papers insurance everything. 100% of everything and probably a little high. I padded the numbers to make sure I covered everything.

granted this is an extreme example very tiny cheap car etc.. good credit so cheap insurance etc..

but now lets compares apples to apples. I don’t live in the UK. I live in the US and the US pretty much has NO public transportation to speak of. at all. the moment you move outside of a city you get nothing for public transport over the vast majority of the nation.

my commute is 54 miles one way to work. I did the math once on taking public transport.

2 mile walk to the train station. $8 ticket to philladephia and $12 ticket to Egg Harbor City then another 1.5 mile walk to work.

Total cost $20 PER PERSON. their were 3 of us so that is $60. ONE WAY.

$120 Round Trip.

110 miles in the car all expenses included. $4.73

and the real ball kicker. TRAVEL TIME. 4 hours “EACH WAY” by train. 80 minutes each way by car.

want to goto the produce stand? bus? $8 in fairs 2.5 HOURS of travel time “IF” you line them up right.

or 14 miles by car and 28 minutes travel time and 60 cents in total actual costs.

MY car price includes 100% cost of the car insurance maintenance tires fuel consumables registration etc..

in the US many times a car “IS” in fact much much cheaper than a coach.

also in the US we typically already OWN the car regardless so you do NOT factor in the cost of the car JUST like you don’t factor in the cost of the coach.

You can’t have it both ways. either you factor in the cost of the coach or you don’t factor in the cost of the car. that is anti logical unless you are buying the car just for the trip and then throwing it away when you are done.

although funny that I am kind of doing exactly that. moving cross country. rental truck $4400. so instead I bought a school bus just for this trip. $2800. not only was it $1600 cheaper but I can keep it or sell it and get all my money back on the other side. the fuel on the other hand. ouch. estimating $1500 just for fuel (4mpg)

if I wanted to take the trip to muncie in from edgewood nm this summer it would be $200 in fairs each way to take public transport and take 30 hours. so $400

while the car would be 1300 miles 19 hours. I would take the tracker since it has AC so the cost would be slightly higher. my per mile cost for the tracker is constructed as follows.

Insurance $0. my multi car discount is larger than the premium for the tracker so its actually -$5 in my pocket (yeah its weird agent told me never cancel my policy ๐Ÿ™‚ the tracker costs $117 to insurance pear year but I get a multi car discount is $122 for the tracker. odd and nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Fuel 40mpg with the air on at highway speeds. (this is why I would use it over the metro. no AC in the metro)

$195 in fuel. and I don’t have to rent a car when I get their. shit the CAR RENTAL would cost more than the FUEL for the entire trip.

so $400 in bus fair and 30 hours of hell each way plus over $200 for a car rental for the week.

or $195 round trip in fuel and just drive their.

thats a no brainer. and thats by BUS!!!


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