New Product: Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Releases Transmission Tunnel Kits – Great Solution!

If you are in the process of modifying your car and one of the obstacles you are dreading a solution for is the transmission tunnel, boy do we have good news for you. Chris Alston’s Chassisworks has come up with a new system that makes this process exponentially easier. The company is offering pre-formed 18-gauge steel tunnels that come tack welded, ready to be trimmed, and then finish welded. Seriously, you no longer have to form all the steel and worry about dimensions.

Other thoughtful elements here are the fact that the tunnels are designed to be tall and therefore are perfect for those lowered cars that have raised drivelines to prevent binding or stuff hitting the ground. Transmissions like the Tremec Magnum, the T-56, 4L80E, and others easily fit into these remade tunnels and you can even complete the package by ordering a firewall kit from Alston’s as well.

Good stuff and a fine way to speed up your build here!


Fabricating a transmission tunnel for any race car, street machine, classic truck or hot rod can easily be accomplished thanks to new kits from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks. Available for both manual and automatic transmissions, the kits feature pre-formed 18-gauge steel panels that are tack-welded in place.

Designed to accommodate popular transmissions, like the Tremec Magnum T- 56 or General Motors 4L80E, the 35″ long tunnels can easily be shortened for tighter fits on other transmissions. The tunnel height is intentionally tall to provide adequate transmission room on vehicles with extremely low ride heights and can be trimmed if necessary.

The bellhousing diameter for both is 22.1″ and the tunnel can be positioned to fit an existing firewall opening and also trimmed. To carry it further, complete firewall kits are available from Chassisworks, as are floorboards, driveshaft tunnels, wheel tubs and rear flooring.

For additional information visit or call 888-388- 0297. All products are manufactured in-house in the company’s Sacramento, CA facility.

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