Check Out This Rad New Wishbone Suspension System For OBS GM Trucks!

Check Out This Rad New Wishbone Suspension System For OBS GM Trucks!

Check Out This Rad New Wishbone Suspension System For OBS GM Trucks!

We love OBS trucks around here. I’ve owned them, hell everyone on earth seems to have owned one, and they are gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds right now. There has always been a great aftermarket for them, as they were so popular to lift or lower in the 1990’s, but even more cool stuff is coming out for them all the time. With them getting old enough to LS Swap in many states, and with handling becoming a thing that people want out of their trucks, the pro touring world is grabbing hold of them and they are starting to show up at more and more events. In response to that, this new Wishbone rear suspension system for OBS trucks is the next level of bad ass for your hot rod truck. Whether drag racing, road racing, autocrossing, or just cruising, this is the suspension that serves it all and serves it well.

The guys and gals at Ridetech have come up with this new system that not only allows you to go as low as you like, but to do so with the best suspension geometry possible. This new wishbone system improves forward bite immensely, keeps all the geometry in check, and keeps the rear end where it is supposed to be so that you can stuff as much tire and wheel under them as you like without fear of rubbing. Plus this new system features highly improved coil over and shockwave mounting locations so that there is no compromise using factory locations. This system is so much stronger than factory that it makes your truck better at everything. I’d bet that this thing will tow like a dream with the right shockwaves out back as well, and that means you can use your hot rod truck to tow your hot rod car and have both at one event!

Here is the info from Ridetech. We dig this!

All new heavy-duty design accepts Coilovers or Air Ride

Bolt-on wishbone rear suspension system fits 1988-1998 Chevy and GMC C1500 pickup trucks. Replaces leaf springs for excellent ride quality, handling, traction and load capacity.

  • Greatly improves ride quality and lowers your truck.
  • Includes patented R-Joint rod ends to eliminate binding and noise.
  • Compatible with Ridetech Coilover and Shockwaves.
  • Bolt-on C-Notch reinforces OEM frame rails and features integrated suspension mounts.
  • Wishbone upper link replaces Panhard bar for zero lateral movement during suspension travel allowing extremely tight wheel/tire fitment.
  • Optimized anti-squat, instant center and pinion angle migration for dramatic improvements in handling and traction.

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