MAHLE Motorsport Expands Dodge Cummins Line With 6.7L Diesel PowerPak Piston Kit 

The world of diesel performance continues to expand at an incredible rate. What was once a niche of a niche in hot rodding has evolved into a large and awesome segment of the aftermarket and highly regarded companies are responding in kind. Take MAHLE for example. The company has just released their new PowerPak piston kit for 6.7L Cummins diesel engines.

These are performance pistons that use a specific high heat tolerant alloy for those drag racers and truck pullers who plan on really working their engines hard. With piston pins made from German steel, included stainless steel Nitride ring set, hard anodized top ring grooves, and even an optional thermal barrier crown coating, MAHLE is not messing around. In terms of physical construction, the valve pockets are enlarged, the bowl has been modified to handle increased pressures and injection timing as well.

Building a big Cummins? THESE are your pistons!

MAHLE Motorsport Expands Dodge Cummins Line With 6.7L Diesel PowerPak Piston Kit 

Fletcher, NC, (May 20, 2019) – MAHLE Motorsport now offers the market’s most comprehensive line of Dodge Cummins diesel performance pistons with the addition of its 6.7L Diesel PowerPak Piston Kit (part #197850313). This kit was developed for diesel drag race and pulling applications for the Dodge Cummins 6.7L.

Featuring MAHLE’s exclusive M142P alloy because of its high temperature and strength and low expansion characteristics, this PowerPak kit includes German steel pins and a stainless steel Nitride ring set – 1/16″, 1/16″ and 3/16″. The pistons feature a hard anodized top ring groove for added durability and increased longevity, and GRAFAL® coating for reduced drag, scuffing friction and cylinder bore wear. For this kit, MAHLE also offers the choice of a thermal barrier crown coating.

The pistons are designed with a modified bowl that mimics the design used in industrial QSB applications. This design reduces erosion issues caused by high pressure, long duration or advanced injection timing.  The pistons feature oversized valve pockets that are 0.200” deep allowing up to 1.500” intake and a 1.450” exhaust valve diameter.  Fully radiused valve pockets reduce stress and fatigue cracking. With a 2.722” compression height the pistons allow for 0.010” deck machining while retaining the stock piston protrusion.

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s high performance PowerPak Piston Kit, visit, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942.

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