Delrin vs Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings – You Won’t Believe The Difference In Stiction

I remember when polyurethane bushing were the latest and greatest. I remember putting them in my Camaro to improve the ride and handling, and thinking that these new bushings were going to last forever and be the baddest thing around. And they were for years and years. But they also squeak a bit and while they do offer a much stiffer bushing than the factory rubber stuff, they aren’t very good at pivoting because they have so much stiction. And stiction isn’t a good thing when you are talking about suspension components that are designed to move. Then came Delrin.

Delrin has been around for quite a while but has always been really expensive. The reason for the high cost has had more to do with the machining operations required than the actual cost of materials which is why nowadays the price is going down. It is going down because more and more companies are finding ways to manufacture Delrin components more cost effectively than every before. Ridetech has been one of the leaders in Delrin manufacturing methods and has brought tons of Delrin parts to market at reasonable prices. And they work so well it is quite honestly amazing. Just amazing.

Stock control arms can now move with little or no stiction. Aftermarket arms move with even less stiction. Sway bars move freely and without squeaking or binding. You know, like they are supposed to. In this video you’ll see just how smoothly these Delrin lined sway bar bushings actually work. Check it out below.

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