How Good Are The Aeromotive Gen II Stealth Tanks? – Watch This Video And Find Out!

We have been telling you and showing you the goodness that is the Aeromotive Gen II Stealth Tank for some time now and as more and more of these tanks get installed into various applications it’s time for a reminder on what these babies are and what they do.

Effectively they are a bolt in solution to the vast majority of hot rodder’s issues with their existing fuel system. Firstly, the tank is a factory stock style unit so it WILL bolt into your car just like the one that came in it from the factory. Secondly, it will feed your big horsepower EFI motor or it will fuel your mild horsepower carb equipped engine. All you have to do is order properly when getting your tank to make sure you are supplied with the right components to ensure your success.

Why do you want one of these things? For starters, you eliminate the loud noise that many electric high performance fuel pumps make. If you want your car to sound like a Cuisinart before you actually fire the engine, that’s on you, but as you will see below, these things are very quiet. Secondly, you do not have to mount a fuel cell in your truck or get weird with a tank option, this is especially important for those of you who are using a chassis/body different than the majority. Bolt in, hook it up, and go.

Lastly, while installing a Phantom pump is ridiculously easy, many people want to skip that step and just go for the time saving bolt in option. This is exactly what the Gen II tank provides. If you don’t believe us, watch below!

Press play below to get a good look at an Aeromotive Gen II Stealth Tank –

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