Looking For Drag Race Brakes That Work With Your Stock Spindles? Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Has You Covered

There’s nothing better than problem solving, especially when the end result is better engineered products that outperform the things that they replace. Companies like Chris Alston’s Chassisworks are in the business of solving problems, making cars work better, and delivering all of that in a high quality and reasonably priced way. If you have been contemplating switching your front brakes over to drag race style units but you don’t want to ditch your stock spindles, boy do we have the fix for you. Chassisworks has a myriad of options to fit drag race brakes on stock spindles.

We’re talking:

Camaro, Chevelle, Tri-Five Chevy, multiple generations Impala, Mustang II, and multiple generations of Nova as well. Hell, if you call they may have more availability than that as well. On top of the different model fitments they have options for rotor material and more so that you can tailor the parts to your budget and desired end result.

The link below will take you to the page that shows all of the applications and you can go from there. Upgrade your brakes and retain your stock spindles. You get the ease of making the brake swap without blowing the front suspension completely apart, and the increased performance of modern stoppers. More here –

Check out the stock spindle drag brake options at Chassisworks.com here!

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