Creating Interactive 3D Models: Parametric Car Wheel Design Demo

Using parametric 3D modeling tools like Grasshopper enables designers to build 3D models in a non-destructive, interactive way, which not only allows to save time when making design changes , but also opens up creative possibilities: as it’s possible to adjust and fine-tuning the design as well as to find new unexpected ideas and shapes by testing different combination of parameters.

The workflow is difficult to grasp unless you see it done in real time. However, a new system developed by ShapeDiver allows to publish parametric models built with Rhino and Grasshopper online, using a specific server infrastructure that makes it possible for users to interact with the 3D model and change it in real time.

Below you can find a demonstration of this system: the car wheel 3D model – created by Car Body Design director Marco Traverso, can be tweaked using the parameters found in the sidebar (to activate it, you can click on the icon below the arrow).

enable/disable parameters

enable/disable parameters

This system allows to review on different design variants without the need for opening the model in the original CAD software, so it can be an interactive design tool to be used within meetings.

It can also provide the basis for building interactive product configurators, that can be accessed by users/clients from any device through a simple browser.

For more information you can check Marco Traverso’s recent webinars on Grasshopper, visit his website or contact him.

We’ll post more examples about this in the coming days/weeks.

What do you think? What is the best use that can make designers of a tool like this?

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