RideTech’s MUSCLEbar Sway Bar For 1967-1987 Chevy Trucks Is Awesome – Bolt On Handling

There’s not much more satisfying an experience as a hot rodder than bolting parts on and experiencing and immediate positive effect on performance. In the case of the new MUSCLEbar for 1967-1987 Chevy trucks that RideTech has just introduced, you’ll be making a major league handling upgrade with this bolt on.

Just when you thought that RideTech was done innovating the “little things” they come out with this piece which has investment cast bar ends, delrin lined bushings, killer end links, and loads of other engineering work that makes this a great piece for a truck that is cruised, a truck that is used in competition, or a truck that eats up highway miles on events like the Hot Rod Power Tour.

We’d go on all day but RideTech does it best below! Got A C10? Need a sway bar? THIS is the one.

All-new design with innovative bar ends, delrin-lined bushings and updated end links.

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All New MUSCLEbar™ Sway Bar For 1963-1987 C10 Pickups
High performance sway bars are amongst the best performance upgrade values available for C10 pickup trucks. RideTech has re-imagined the sway bar with its new and improved MUSCLEbar™ line. RideTech developed the perfect shape using 3D scanning technology.

A high-tech CNC tubing bender then accurately forms each sway bar. All-new investment cast bar ends promote engagement between the sway bar itself and end links. RideTech MUSCLEbars™ feature self-lubricating, delrin-lined bushings.

They are far superior to bind-prone and squeak-prone poly frame bushings. Every bar is tested for bar rate, powder-coated and supplied with end links, bushings, mounting brackets and hardware. Installation is a breeze. Give your 1963-1987 C10 pickup modern manners and high-performance handling with RideTech MUSCLEbars™. Front and rear sway bar designs are available.

RideTech: Check out the new MUSCLEbar here! 

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