Which One Of These Throwback Wheels Would You Most Like To Rock On Your Hot Rod?

What once was is cool again, and never is that more evident than in the world of custom cars and clothing fashion. Shoes, pants, shirts, jewelry, hair styles, it is super common for fashion trends of the past to come back to life decades later. The same goes for custom paint jobs, wheels, and overall themes of hot rods. I for one love it when I see a car that reminds me of my childhood. As much as I love modern builds, there is something about the styles of the 1980’s that does it for me in the street machine world. I love gold Moroso valve covers with T handles, Centerline wheels, cool graphics, and big and littles with the right stance. I mean who doesn’t, right?

The answer must be that everyone is ready for some of the old to come back, because there are several companies who have brought back old designs in the last year. I’m still working on Moroso to bring back their Gold, Blue, and Silver valve covers, but so far that isn’t working. I’ll have to start a campaign or something.

But what has come back, and is making me incredibly happy, is the Centerline Wheels Auto Drag and Convo Pro. Yep, the originals are back! I remember growing up with my dad’s 1968 Camaro having Centerlines on it. It had been Cragars before that, but the Centerlines did it for me. My Camaro also had a set of Centerline Auto Drags on it at one point in its life and I really want them on it again. There are plenty of other styles that could, and maybe should, come back but these two have been the talk of the town since Centerline announced their return.

So which one of these would you most like to put on your hot rod, street machine, Pro Streeter, or Muscle Car? Are you and Auto Drag or Convo Pro kind of guy or gal? Or is there another wheel, like the gold Monocoques below, that you would love to see make a comeback so you could put them on your ride?

Let us know what you think and which one you would most like to see.

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